Our corporate purpose is the purchase, sale, of textiles poducts, making buying and selling activities on their own behalf or as an intermediary, distributor or mediator representing other firms.

Our specialty is the tailoring and its area of influence, shirts, coats – overcoats and accessories. A truly exciting and at the same time unknown world.

Over the years we have acquired extensive experience visiting each factory and appreciating its production system, its models and  versatility and what are the most appropriate for each profile of man.

The extraordinary union between tissues and each garment manufacturing should be the perfect couple. There are countless factories of tissues, but should be chosen which provide a good quality.

Garetex is established in Spain in 1990 as a link between trendy textile sector between Italy – Spain.

Since the beginning to today its main activity has been the representation of the first Italian firms to Knight.

  • Distribution Spain and Portugal
  • First Italian brands
  • Showroom
  • Personalized attention