Tailored suites

When we go to the tailor to have a suit made to measure, it is because we want a comfortable garment adapted to our figure and necessities.

Each person has a different shape, taste and style and beginning from this basis, we can find the suit model that best fits these preferences, in wearability and comfort.

After which, our creativity can help, advising what changes could be made to the model in keeping with current trends, but always within the client’s taste.

The choice of fabric is also a very important factor. For us, the suit should be the perfect union between the type of manufacturing of the garment and the fabric quality with its own characteristics.

For us the suit, once completed, should have a number of qualities that we do not often realize exist, but are actually those making the difference in how it is worn, such as:

  • a current model and style but adapted/personalised to each customer
  • To be as comfortable as a second skin
  • fabric of exquisite creativity and quality, sensitively alive in color
  • feel different, younger … and of course more confident

Each of these nuances leads us to pinpoint “how we dress”, a very important phrase since it is also where our personality is reflected…., our way of being.


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